Adding a skeg???

Is it possible to add a skeg to a kayak that does not have one?? How would I go about doing it?

Some Necky boats had(have?)drop skegs that bolted onto the stern. You might be able to adapt one of those.

You could try adding a skeg box and skeg, but if you have a plastic boat it’ll be hard to bond/seal to the hull. I think Tideline has skeg boxes, and CLC has plans for one.

If you just want a fixed skeg, you could bolt one on, or try epoxy:

I’ve also seen strap-on fixed skegs.

what kind of boat???
i know that Great canadian makes a bolt on version for their Rainbow kayak…as well as there are probably a number of people who could design up something purty simple…

I use a Feathercraft strap on skeg
on my folding kayak. It works well enough.

It’s about $40.00.

I made a strap on skeg for my whitewater boat that i use in flat water/ great