Adding a skeg

I recently picked up a Dagger Zydeco 9’, which I’m enjoying paddling, but it (predictably) doesn’t track well, especially on river floats. I find that it spins out if I stop paddling even for a few moments.

So, I’m considering adding a skeg. Research leads me to believe that I can use affix a skeg track under the boat using 5200 marine adhesive, and then slide a “swept-back” skeg (angled backward) onto the track whenever I want the extra tracking.

Has anyone tried this, or something similar? Are there reasons NOT to do it, other than voiding the manufacturer’s warranty?

FWIW - The two reasons I went with this boat are weight (35 lbs) and cost ($450). Didn’t see anything else in that range from a decent manufacturer.

Dagger’s description of the 9’ model claims “the shorter length offers increased control for twisty environments”. Maybe the 11’ version would have been a better choice?

I guess you could add a skeg but I think you should give the boat some time first. How long have you been paddling it?

And my experience with a 14’ skegged kayak is that I actually use the skeg sparingly and mostly to stop the boat weather cocking - to stop the wind from blowing the stern off course.

You could also try a strap on skeg. I don’t know if anyone makes one (some manufacturers definitely used to) but making one yourself wouldn’t be that difficult and that might be a simpler, easier and less permanent alternative.

It’s been a few weeks, 5-6 trips so far. The spinning issue is definitely there. I’d really like to be able to close my eyes and relax on the river occasionally.

There are a lot of longer boats I’d much prefer to paddle, the trouble is lift and load. 35 lbs is about the most I can handle.

To be clear, the increased control is AWESOME. Very maneuverable. I love using it. Just want some options really.