adding a thwart

I’ve got an older Old Town canoe that only has a center thwart. Would it be possible to add another thwart to help with portaging it? It looks like it would be easy to just drill some holes in the gunwales and attach another thwart, but I don’t know if this could damage it. Also is there a way to identify my canoe? I got it recently after my uncle died and I don’t know much about it.



Serial number
won’t tell you what model the canoe is. the first 3 letters are the maker, “XTC” is Old Town. The next 5 numbers are the hull serial number. The last 4 figures are the date of certification, sometimes just four numbers like 4198 and sometimes in a date code. see

If you measure the dementions of the canoe, length, width, and depth someone here can tell you the model of the canoe.