adding a zipper to a wet suit?

can a zipper be added to a farmer jane to make it more user friendly for the females? is there any business that will add them to your wetsuit? any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. thanks

yours doesn’t have a zipper?
I don’t think I’ve ever seen one without a zipper. There are plenty out there. Shop around.

yes it has a zipper, but
a friend was wondering if she could have a zipper put in to make it easier to take a wizz for us girls, just so you don’t have to strip all the layers off. i know you can buy them already built in, we were just wondering if you can add them later?

Check with local dive shops

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You should be able to find on that does wetsuit repairs and they'll be able to install a relief zipper for your friend. If you don't have anyone nearby, an online search should turn up plenty of options.

Uh … taking a whiz .why no relief zips
I don’t really practice this, but it’s pretty common to just whiz in the suit and wash it out later…

tends to make your suit really smell…

prefer not to do this
would if needed…but not unless it’s an emergency.

Dive shops or…
If they still make it, the Expedition Jane has an additional relief zipper lower down. Must be used carefully for obvious reasons, but NRS does have steep reductions on their two year old versions of their stuff if you can find it in a size that works for you. A really good sale price may be the same as getting your existing wetsuit modified.

All that said though - you live in NH and like getting to the ocean… you may want to run the numbers on saving up for at least something like the Kokatat drypants with a relief zipper, and pairing that with a drytop. Depending on the need you have, that and something like a Sani-Fem from Campmor can go a long way towards solving the problem. And can even be used from inside the boat if need be - sometimes climbing out onto land is just too much advertisement.

Freshette FUD
FUD stands for Feminine Unrinary Director.

I prefer to call it a fenis.

My wife bought one a couple of years ago. She says it is the best, most liberating $12 she has ever spent.

it’s amazing
how well these things work…i have one. this friend will have to make an investment in a new wetsuit or get one i think. :0)