Adding Bulkheads

Hi All

Needing to add a front bulkhead to my boat (plastic). What do you all consider to be the best material to use for the bulkhead and the adhesive/sealant?

So you going to add bulkheads
are you gting to put in a hatch as well? You cannot just put in a bulkhear and no way to drain the compartment. does it already have a hatch.

Most folks use2 inch minicell (fron john sweet) and 3m (is it 5200 or 5300)

Hopefully you will get confirmation from better boat modifiers. I have never modified a plastic boat.

well now…
mini cell foam and 3M 5200. takes a week to cure but works well.


Opps, sorry forgot to tell ya, it’s a Pungo 140. It already has a front hatch but no bulkhead?? Kind of strange…

Looking for for more floatation, hoping not to mess with bags, gain additional storage space, etc. Was out on Lake Ontario, close to shore, in very high winds messing around in 3’to 5’ waves a couple of weekends ago. Man the lake looked like the ocean. It was fantastic fun but kept swamping, taking water over the bow into the large cockpit. (need to have since I’m a fat guy, 350lbs and new to kayaking) Since have gotten a skirt to keep out some of the water.

My papa always told me

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stuff that sets quick never lasts. Then again I do not ever think he's seen north sea resin.

The sealant you might find best to use with the foam bulkheads is Sikaflex 291 adhesive/sealant. It is basically the same as 3M 5200, but sets up really fast and is ready to go in about 18 hours. This is a “marine” item, and can be had from most good marine stores of probably West Marine.

I’ve used this product for many years in all sorts of boatbuiding applications, including installing bulkheads, and found it very reliable and extremely strong.

have you used it on plastic boats
not quibbling; getting info! Thanks.

adding bulk head
contact wilderness systems

they sell the bulkhead kit ( precut foam and glue) for under $25

I just talked to one of thier reps this weekend about adding one to my pungo 100


that sounds really easy! GO! (NM)

thanks for all the replys… I’ll give WS a call for the kit that sounds the easiest!!

bulkhead kit
WS just got back to me on the kit

the orginal quote was a little on the low side

the kit for a pungo 100 is $54

still better to me than trying to cut foam to fit :slight_smile:



e-mail for WS??
Does WS have a e-mail address to contact them? I didn’t see anything on their website.

3’-5’ waves in a Pungo??
The Pungo 140 is a great boat, (I have one) but it is not a sea kayak, so it was never designed to be paddled in that kind of waves. I would definately stay close to shore where you can walk back to the beach if you swamp that thing. Even with an additonal bulkhead up front, that is a massive cockpit to pump out.

I added bulkheads…no leaks so far!
I added bulkheads to my Dagger Savannah about 2 months ago. I used their precut parts with LEXEL as the adhesive. It worked very well. LEXEL was the recommended glue. Stinks and takes a LONG time to cure. Be sure to try to get some of the glue between the foam bulkhead and the hull. Good luck!