adding bungie cords to thwart

I would like to add bungies as tie-downs on the wooden thwarts of my Wenonah Vagabond, but I’m scared to drill them myself; afraid of splitting the wood. Any suggestions?

Go for it!
I did the same thing to mine with no problems. I used 1/4 bungee cord and a brand new sharp drill bit. Just don’t force the bit and you should be fine!

Dun’t fret none

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Yer not goin' ta split de thwarts if yer drill less then a 1/2" hole (probably much less). Ah' have all me canoos wit holy thwarts fer decades. Just squirt in a little Watco ta seal de end grain of de hole.


Have done two boats thwarts
Figure out how and where you want to rig

Clamp a 2x4 to the thwarts underside, this will prevent splintering on the exit of the bit.

Drill the hole slightly (1/16) bigger than the cord you want to use.

I drilled a pilot hole first. 1/8 then the finish size.

Use a countersink bit top and bottom after drilling thru to relieve the sharp corner.

As Elmo said get watco on the inside of the hole.

Hope this helps.

Iffin’ yer got a Fostner bit
Dat’ll also give yer a nice clean hole.


Lacking a Forstner bit,
a cheaper style would be a brad-point bit. ANd Wes’ admonition about backing up the thwart is very important. Slowly is also a key.


I did it…
I drilled holes for bungie on my thwarts. I didn’t know the suggestions made by the other posters, I just “did” it, and it worked out. Let me know if you need bungie. I may have a supply of it stashed away.