adding dry suit gortex booties?

So last year I bought my first drysuit and although it isn’t a top of the line Kokotat with all the bells and whistles, I felt $250 for a new breathable Stolquist was pretty good. It doesn’t have a relief zipper, but I can pull the front zipper down far enough to do the deed. The one thing I don’t like is the latex ankle gaskets. I usually launch from a beach and hours of cold wet wrinkly feet in neoprene booties and the old wet feet smell gained from not properly drying those booties are really getting old. At first I thought about adding latex booties with some aquaseal, but I think my feet would get wet n sweaty.

So where or how can I add gortex-like booties in the Portland Or area? Or would it just be cheaper and more practical to get some Chotkas or other water-proof full length boot? Thanks.

BTW - I currently paddle a clean roomy Arctic Tern 17, but will probably be building a tighter Yostworks style SOF with ribs n spars that might get in the way of clunky boots…

Rainy Pass

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Rainy Pass in Seattle is a company that can do this - they are contracted to repair various Goretex type articles. It's a little expensive.

EDIT - I'll echo the sentiment below to call Stohlquist first and see what they recommend. I asked Rainy Pass to alter the socks on my Kokatat Tempest pants to fit my feet, and the price was more the half the cost of the pants themselves - pricey!

Try Stohlquist
They replaced the neck gasket on Chris’ B-Pod - very quick turnaround and a great job. Hers has the booties - same fabric as the suit - and they work just fine. Stohlquist makes great products, and their service has been excellent.

Get some
Chota Mukluks or NRS Boundary shoe’s.

Much Simpler
Order some latex socks from various drysuit companies online. They cost about $20 if I recall. You glue them on just like a replacement gasket. Takes 20 minutes. Presto! Dry feet! :slight_smile:

call TRX
TRX is the company Stohlquist uses. I have a large bpod suit and want the elastic waste tighter. They are going to make the modification for free.


does the top of the boot seal well around the tucked in dry suit?

yeah, that was my cheap n easy solution too, but don’t your feet get sweaty in that non-breathable sock? or do you wear a wicking layer directly on your feet?

how’d you get that for free?

wicking layer under latex booties

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...and and insulating layer over the wicking layer. Even if I work hard enough to sweat, I never notice my feet getting cold or clammy. Another advantage to switching to booties is that it's easier to get in and out of the suit than with ankle seals.

I installed my latex booties myself (my suit came with seals - I bought it used). Wasn't difficult. The trick is to have something that fits snugly inside the cuffs (turned inside-out) to hold them rigid while cementing on the booties. Just make sure you have them facing the right way!

If you
Go for a swim your probably going to get some water in the boots. You do need some type of water shoe besides a booty. I use the either the NRS Boundary or Paddle shoes in conjunction with my Kokatat Dry suit w.booties.

sweaty feet
I put the latex socks on my wife’s suit, so I don’t have direct experience with those booties. But my kokatat suit has neoprene booties, which certainly don’t breathe. I never notice sweaty feet. My socks aren’t totally dry when I finish paddling, but no different than if I were hiking, or skiing, or whatever.

Ankle gaskets are a pain. Definitely worth just swapping them out with booties.

yeah, I guess I’d be wearing my neoprene wet shoes over latex booties, which don’t breath and the wicking layer should should help… Ok, I think I’ll take that route since those waterproof boots are pricey.

wear wool socks.
I wear smartwool socks on my feet. Feet go in the drysuit. Drysuit goes in the paddling shoes/boots.

its something stohlquist provides as part of the purchase. It has to be a new suit, not used. If you buy a suit and it fits but say the neck gasket is too big they will swap the gasket out for free, etc. hemming, etc may have a charge i dont remember.