Adding Floatation

I have a recreational kayak (Liquid Logic Saluda) that I use on local lakes/streams/rivers. It has a small bar of Styrofoam-looking material in the bow. When I’ve swamped it, the boat continues to float, but I’d like to improve on that.

At my office I get deliveries of heat-sensitive products packed in quasi-coolers. The shipping box is lined with Styrofoam panels maybe an inch thick.

Could I use these rectangles to fill my boats unused bow area? I was thinking about packing it in, then semi-sealing the area with a bulkhead with drain holes.

Whadaya think?

yes and no
Yes, the stuff floats.

But it also wouldn’t hold together too well. And worse yet, as it breaks apart, you have all of these little dots of styrofoam going all over the place polluting your local paddling place.

If you could find a way to seal it up, maybe it would work. But you also need to make sure the stuff is securely attached to the boat (just stuffing it in likely would mean it would float away the first time the boat is swamped).

I would look into getting close celled foam that could be glued in to place. Or float bags made for kayak use that can be securely attached.

I see your point. I was kinda looking for uses for all the styrofoam we get. The last thing I want is to have it in the environment.

Why not go ahead and use it, but
put it in a big poly trash bag(S) to keep it all together?



Oh, I definitely think you are doing a good thing by adding flotation to your boat!

I admire your idea
to find a use for this stuff, but if it were me I would use a float bag or an empty and sealed dry bag. Easy to use, clean and remove, no mess. relatively cheap.

All is well
Got an order today and have a nice pile of Styrofoam rectangles. One of my employees overheard me talking about finding a use for it. She is in the process of attempting to insulate her goat barn.

So, she is using the styrofoam, and I’ll be using an NRS credit to buy bow floatation bags. A win-win situation!