Adding floatation

I just bought a used Pelican Castaway 116 dlx and have had more fun just padding in park lakes and watching my kids paddle. Anyway, I’ve noticed that it sits pretty low in the water and takes on a small amount of water thru the scupper holes. Would it be better to plug the holes (I saw I can get plugs at sporting goods store) or would adding floatation help. If adding floatation would work, what and where do I put it. Thanks

Scupper holes in the bottom? So it’s
self-bailing? Self bailing boats are going to take a little water in through scupper holes, but if they take a lot of water over the rail, it will exit through those same scupper holes.

I don’t think adding flotation will be helpful. Just avoid overloading the boat, and little water will come in. It’s a warm water craft.

Most SOTs Take On Some Water…
through the scuppers unless, you’re really light relative to the volume of the SOT.

Plugging the scuppers will keep you drier. But, if there are any waves or chops. Leave the scuppers off for the boat to self drain. If the scuppers are in and a lot of water gets into the cockpit, it seriously diminishes the stability of the boat. Not a big deal if you have a good brace and are able reach and pull the scuppers out.

You may want to test the stability of the SOT when it gets filled. Stay near shore. With the scuppers in, take a pail and filled the cockpit with water and see how it affects the stability. It may be an eye opener for you and let you know whether a dry seat is perferable to a slightly wet but stable boat.