Adding Lining Holes

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Just bought a Wenonah Spirit II. Nice boat came highly recommended.

I want to add 'Lining Holes' to it. All the other canoes I've done this to have had a flotation block fore and aft, this one doesn't and I'm wondering how to secure the piece of PVC.

Add a shaped block to put it thorough?

Are the walls strong enough?

extensive discussion here

Here yer go…


lining holes kevlar
It seems that these instructions are for Royalex boats. I am interested in doing this in a kevlar boat that does have bulkheads. Using search did not help.



No they were for composites too
but you have to read down the column to find Mike McCreas directions/thoughts.

Maybe he has found some other way in the last two years.

Tugeye has a kit for composite boats,
and it should work OK for Kevlar boats. I guess if you were concerned, you could epoxy a couple of extra layers of cloth on the inside of the bow before drilling for the Tugeye. The absence of a flotation cell is an advantage for this sort of thing.

here is a link

You might email Dan Kidd first…last I heard last weekend he was out exploring but that was just talk among our paddling group.