Adding skeg for sailing...

I bought a “Falcon” sail for my kayak which works well unless you want to tack. Would like to add something that allows tacking tracking. If someone has some experience with this would appreciate their experience. Thanks

It’s been decades since I did any serious sailing, but tacking in any real wind with a very small boat required a centerboard (or some substitute), a rudder, and “hiking out”. Raising the centerboard resulted in the sailboat going down wind regardless of the direction the bow pointed. Most kayak sails are ill suited to going up-wind.

You might want to go on the Watertribe
web site and ask.

Just about all the kayak and canoe racers use sails, and I’ll bet you get some good info there

You’ll probably have to come up with a tribe name to join, but it is free and you can get some good help in the forum

Jack L