adding thigh braces...

My boat’s a 13.5’ Hurricane Tampico…23.5" wide…and I want to add thigh braces to better roll the thing. I’ve seen foam pads, hard plastic, and straps. What’s best?

different ways…

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I looked up your boat on-line.

It depends how your thighs fit now. Most often you have to have an appendage that sticks out from the side of the cockpit opening. You could make something out of fiberglass/plywood and screw it or epoxy it in under the coaming. Then you would pad it on a slant to your liking with closed cell foam or neoprene.

I think it sucks when a manufacturer makes you go through this. Call up the company and voice your discontent. Maybe they have an easy solution for you.

Good luck.

Making thigh bracing isn't easy and requires someone handy with building skills. Go to a kayak store and check out the kayaks. Necky has a modular system. maybe you could buy some parts from them and improvise?

Thigh braces…

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Thanks....yeah, if you read the FAQ at Hurricane, they answer the "why don't you put thigh braces in the Tampico" with "we have neoprene pads that will glue in to your liking" but have no links to or pictures of the pads. I've written them. They make beautiful paddling boats, but I want to roll this one and it almost doesn't need braces where my thighs hit under the coaming.
I can make pretty much anything here but want to get it right the first time.
At a paddleing workshop Saturday, I saw...and tried, all kinds of braces and some simply didn't fit me right. Maybe custom is the way to go. The straps seemed interesting as far as fit goes.