adding to the attire conundrum &thanx!

1st, thanx, to whoever provided the thoughtful & thorough counsel on the Asheville, NC trip- Wow!

Since that was such a blessed experience, let me show my ignorance and ask some more: I drive a 10 inflatable; anything above class 1 and I have to have the drains open (yes, I’m big- 6’5"/220 &old-66); did the Mulberry in Ar. last spring and nearly froze to death; had hydro-skin and PFD on top; only goretex rain pants and polypro on bottom; ? is: what combo of clothing is best for us wet bottomed folks?; please, any advice before I have to bale, call NRS , prostrate myself and say, “just do it”!; thanx, again, Mike

wet suit

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Standard issue for wet chilly paddling is a Farmer John sleeveless wetsuit. The paddling ones usually zip up the front or have velcro shoulders which means you aren't sitting on the zipper (which is the problem with diving or surfing wet suits). The front zip or shoulder tabs also enable you to vent to cool off or even peel it down to your waist if the day heats up. You probably want a 3 or 4 mm one. I have one by Warmers that only cost about $79 -- very comfortable for paddling. I think Warmers is out of business though.

Outdoorplay has some NRS models for as low as $105. You'll be plenty comfortable in one of these and they have the XXL size in stock.:

They also stock the "Grizzly Bill" NRS model for gentlemen of prosperous girth (though at 6' 5", 220 lbs is nearly willowy):

buy a
small catamaran.

Thanx, Willowleaf