Adding to the fleet doe sit make sense

Thinking of adding a 4th yak to my small but growing fleet, while I hope to add a Eddyline Fathom or Sitka or a Dagger stratos 14.5 to my fleet , I have had no luck finding either near me , I may have the option to add a ocean kayak scupper pro tw 15 foot to my fleet. I am a newbie kayak, less than a year, 54 years old , 5’7 195 ( thanks covid) been paddling about a year. I have a feel free 13,5 lure fishing yak, very stable but a barge, a 14.5 riot Sea Kayak, and recently got a 17 foot dagger Magellan. 95 % of my trips will be in open bay waters ( Delaware Bay) as I am blessed to have a shore home right on the bay. Weigh is not a major issue for me since I am so close to the water. I paddled a fathom last weekend on a reservoir in NJ and it was great , kinda of miss the calm water. So the ocean kayak would either be a open water boat on the Bay or my main boat at my home , being used on lakes , rivers and basically flat water vs the bay. My question is should I go for it? will it work as a SOT in the choppy Bay. My end goal is a fathom or Stratos for the bay water but this may be a good boat to add to my fleet? I can wait on getting the Eddyline until I find exactly what I want and do not really need another boat unless I use it for flat water. TIA for your thoughts.

Link to the boat I see a few different ones. Is it a tandem? They make a few scupper types.

@PaddleDog52 it is a single, I do not have a link it is a word of mouth sale, will paddle it next weekend on a lake. it is an older boat about 10 years old I think. I believe the name is scupper pro tw , it is slightly under 15 feet ( 14.6 IIRC)

Scupper Pros are good seaworthy kayaks. It’s one of the classic “good” SOTs. Handles chop and rough water if you know what you are doing and paddles faster than most barge-like SOTs currently being sold. They have been around for quite a while so the one you are looking at might be older, make sure the plastic is not faded or brittle. It would be a good boat for paddling by yourself as you can very easily self rescue. Whether it make sense or not depends on how many boats you really want to own.

Thanks SeaDart for the info, right now my skills are not great but I do mostly solo paddling and will be taking lessons soon I hope. I will see the Kayak and test paddle it in the next few weeks, my assumption is it was well cared for but will not know until I see it. as for number of boats, not sure but certainly looking to add more and this one seems to bring different things to what I already have.