Additional flotation for pfd

Is there a company that makes additional flotation that can be added to a pfd?

To be placed on the lower straps between the front and back of the vest for example

You can buy PFD’s with more floation
Most adult PFD’s come with 15 to 18 pounds of flotation, but you can buy rescue vests or “big water” PFD’s in the 22 to 27 pound range. I weight 225 pounds and use a PFD with 16 pounds of flotation – it works just fine. I also have a “big water” PFD with 22 pounds of floatation – I don’t think I float any higher in it, and it’s a lot more bulky. I guess it depends on how big you are and what you paddle.

undershirt flotation
Look on NRS - there’s a shirt in there that looks like a muscleman shirt with flotation sewn into the body of the shirt, designed to be worn under a PFD, to increase flotation for really hellacious whitewater.

Why do you want that? Adding stuff hanging off a pfd could hinder your ability to get back into your boat if in the water, in addition to other possible problems.

If I thought I needed something more, I’d consider making a vest out of a walmart closed cell foam pad and wearing it under a pfd…have not tried and don’t know if it would fit well, but it’s a thought.

Anti Gravity

another option…
is too buy a inflatable vest or SOS-style suspenders and wear those over the vest , in case you need extra floatation if you capsize.–Flotation%2BVests%252F%2BBelts–Inflatable%2BVests_10151_-1_10001_advisor_CA.CategoryExpand_N_225017002_225000000_225017000

thanks for the response
I was thinking that in highly aerated water,such as in higher classes of whitewater/surf, or possibly a rescue situation, it would be diserable to increase buoyency by adding more floation to a pfd.