Additional party for Alaska Trip

3rd party wanted for Sheenjek River trip in Alaska - (ANWAR). Hike, Canoe, Fish and travel with 2 other experienced parties. Class I-II.

Dates - Into Fairbanks July 8th. Fly into headwaters July 10th out of Fort Yukon. Paddle back to Fort Yukon approx July 26th

Enjoy your trip! Did that same thing about 9 or 10 years ago in klepper folding kayaks. Fantastic grayling fishing on that River. We started near Double mountain and on out first day had a close encounter with two grizzlies. Fantastic country!!

Alaska trip
Thanks for the positive report. Should be a great trip. How close of an encounter??

a hundred + fifty yards, they were…
coming towards us but when we started yelling and waving our arms they hussled off at an angle away from us. There was four of us there so that was a good thing.