adhesive advice please....

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what type of adhesive will work for attaching a vinyl D ring to the floor of a royalex boat? would a regular plumbing type pvc glue work or must I use something like vynabond?


Maybe Not PVC Glue
I think the glue for PVC pipes and fittings works by melting the plastic parts so they weld together. Not sure if that would work on vinyl or royalex.

I believe
that a marine adhesive will work, maybe the 5200 from 3M.


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is the stuff usually used for that.

But ignore the directions on the tube.

Heres how you should do it:

Roughen the area to be glued, then clean the surfaces with rubbing alcohol.

After the alcohol drys, apply a thin layer of vynabond to both the vinyl and the boat, and let it dry completely. Then warm up both glued areas with a hair dryer, until the glue looks glossy. Press together, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Get your positioning right the first time, because the two pieces will adhere on contact.

This is the method Paul Mason recomends in "Thrill of the Paddle" and I've found that it works very well.

that’s helpful- I was afraid the pvc plumbing glue might do just that- melt - and I sure didn’t want a hole in the bottom of my boat. I’ll try the vynabond. Do you think a 1oz tube would cover 4 vynl patches at 4in each?



Try this too…
When you have the items to be attached in their correct position; outline them with a magic marker, pen, or pencil.

Use duct tape or masking take to cover the area immediately “outside those lines”. No way you can miss the “correct position”. The tape catches any drips of adhesive, and facilitates cleanup.


thanks BOB

Ah’ would use denatured alcohol
an’ not rubbin’ alcohol as yer cleanin’ agent - rubbin’ alcohol contains perfumes an’ other contaminants dat might compromise de bond.


Contact Cement
Weldwood Red label (not the green label stuff)works well too. Thats what the previous regime at Mohawk used to recomend. I have used both Vyna Bond and Contact Cement and both have worked just as well. With either starting with a super clean and deglosed surface as has been mentioned in the posts above will get the best results.