Adhesive For a Mast Step

I’m slowly rigging up my MR Malecite, F/G, for sailing. I am looking for an adhesive for the mast step. My local hardware store doesn’t have a tremendous selection and was wondering if anyone out there could recommend something that would last a while. My Diso 158 has a one using some 3M goop that my buddy gave me but that tube dried up soon after using it for that. It has been rock solid for a long time so I know it works on the poly and am wondering about F/G. Many thanks.


caulking gun adhesives?
How about some of the caulking gun adhesives like Liquid Nail etc. from a Home Depot/Lowes etc.? Some are construction grade and waterproof and worked well in boat applications for me.

This might be the time to order a quart
of West 205 epoxy, a little can of 205 0r 206 hardener, and the requisite metering pumps. West epoxy will adhere well to your hull and to your mast step. In fact, it adheres well to almost anything except polyethelene or untreated copper.

It is easy to mix fillers or fibers into West, and it is great for filling even large gaps. But if you have large gaps to be filled, consider the slower 206 hardener. Using 205 where the resin sits in “critical mass” can result in overheating and bubbling up.

Plus, your West epoxy will stay “good” in the cans, with the pumps still in, for 3 or 4 years, while most of the tube adhesives will harden and become useless.

Connecting mast step to hull?
Be carefull what adhesive you use on that ol’ hogbacked disco it might melt.

I have used construction grade adhesive on my sunfish to make minor repairs but I don’t know how it would hold up to poly plastic.

I would run some tests on that yellow canoe you guys found wrapped around a tree several years ago to be sure.

Have you considered glassing it in place or using some leftover kevlar strips with skid plate epoxy?

Big Mac

Another West System option
If you do not need much resin you might want to order a West System repair kit from your local boat store or from McMaster-Carr Supply. Resin & hardener are in packets, so no pumps are needed. Gloves, thickeners, mixing cups & stirrers, gloves etc are all included. Kit is under $30.


Thanks for the Suggestions
Since the mast step is just a small block of wood with a hole drilled partly through it to hold the pole/mast in place I really don’t need a whole lot. I need to put skid plates on it as well so I might just go with a kit.

Big Mac, it isn’t the Hogged Backed Saint. That one already has a step!

Marine Tex
That is what came with the Balogh Sail system. You can get it from West Marine. Use a torch to flame treat your poly surface (use caution). It will stick forever.

Epoxy if The boat is f/g
Hey Scooter, your post says the boat is F/G. Use epoxy resin, though 3M5200 will work also.

BTW, to save a partial tube of 5200 I put mine in the frige, and warm it in hot water for use. It’s held over 2 years like that!

R U saying MARINETEX will stick to Poly?
So you are saying MARINE TEX could be used to secure a mast step to a POLY hull (with typical flame polarizing)?

Could MARINE TEX possibly be used to secure float bag anchors in a poly canoe as well?


Another option
would be PC-7 Epoxy Putty. Drill some 1/8" holes, about 1/4" deep in the bottom of teh block for teh putty to key into, sand the F/G hull, mix it a smoosh the step onto the hull. PC-7 was what I used to use to hold “machines” into my old decked C-1. Excellent stuff.


PS: Use a wet finger to smooth the edges.

Yes, it will stick.

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..... unless it doesn't.

Get the West System,
Plenty Strong and more useful ( ? ) for other stuffs.

If the part is wood, might as well coat it with neat epoxy too.

If not a whole bunch of loading on this thing nice to use West’s 406 to thicken for the fillet.

Tape part and tape perimeter where it will sit.

Bed in place and use a tablespoon to create the fillet, works nice. Don’t pull tape 'till final go round with clean spoon.