adhesive for minicel to wood

I’m intent on fabing up knee braces for the artic tern.

I marked where my knees basiclly hit now (with feet firmly placed on the footpegs)and there’s no need for a keyhole effect.

I’m probably going to cover the minicel with the fabric from a pair of no longer waterproof sealskinz but was wondering what adhesive to use to attach the minicel backside to the underside of the deck.

My first thought was the west systems epoxy I have but…I’m worried that might melt the foam.



Epoxy is ok
Epoxy won’t melt minicell.

You might want to add micro-balloons to thicken it up and add better gap-filling ability.

3M 5200, PL Ultimate or Marine Goop would work too.

Gluing minicell
I’ve used single part polyurethane (gorilla glue) sucessfully. I haven’t had a failure yet.

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Minicel… Weldwood contact cement
The one in the red can. Good stuff…

Gorilla Glue
That, I have on hand.thanks!

Ditto on Weldwood…
Red can.

Weldwood red can
We talking the spray adhesive?

I went on line (before heading down to the hardware store) and Weldwood shows a marine grade adhesive in a regular can (blue can,red lable) and the red spray can.

I’ve never used the spray…
…I think that wouldn’t be the best way to apply it under decks, on coamings etc.

Marine Goop. They have to be held in
place for a couplwe of days.

The thing I like…
…about Weldwood and minicell in general is that nothing is irreversible. Minicell is such wonderful stuff because it is so effective and forgiving of mistakes and you can glue more minicell to minicell to correct those mistakes. Weldwood sticks really well but if you want to remove it you can (with lots of work) and you can leave a surface pretty much as you found it. I’m not sure that epoxy offers that “get out of jail free” card. I haven’t used epoxy for minicell so I am not a good reference for that. I have removed minicell from wood/epoxy that was adhered with Weldwood contact cement and it was a reasonable task. Not nice but do-able without toxic contact.

I have considered Gorilla Glue but haven’t tried it since Weldwood Red works so well. Gorilla may be way better and I just don’t (and won’t) know.


Weldwood Red brush on…
two coats…

You’re actually gluing minicel to epoxy…

Weldwood brush on.
not the spray, the brush on. Very strong. Just be sure when you place the foam after the glue is ready you have it lined up right. It grabs instantly.