Adhesive for polyethylene boat

I have a Nova Craft SP3 prospector (polyethylene hull) and am curious what type of adhesive to use when outfitting the canoe with vinyl d-rings, daisy chains etc.



bonding poly
There is a two part adhesive from 3M that will work:

It’s very expensive and requires a special caulking gun to apply.

You can also try heat flaming and using regular epoxy adhesive. Here are instructions:


Flaming is a well known method of
Treating the surface of a polyethylene component to improve adhesion of subsequent applications (paint or adhesive) Car bumpers are commonly treated this way although the flame head is usually moved by a robot.

The flame should be blue not yellow and should not touch the surface of the material.

Thanks for your help

Car bumpers aren’t poly.

Some are this side of the pond.