adhesive question

Hey kind folks,

I’m a little confused as to what adhesive I need to glue in knee pads and d rings. I asked one of the people at an outfitter and he told me to use vyna-bond. I also bought a few d rings for my flotation. I have already glued in my d rings with the vyna bond that came with part of my lash in kits. I’m just trying to get some more opinions on adhesives before the knee pads go in. Any better brands out there? Mondo bond maybe? Thanks for any pointers.



P.S. I hope you folks that had to deal with Dennis are doing alright.Also know that power restoration crews are on the way as I write.

Vynabond is one of the best choices, but if you’re outfitting a Royalex or Royalite canoe you have to be careful not to use too much, or you risk permanently softening the Royalex beneath the knee pads.

I talked with a Bell rep who said he has seen that happen a few times with paddlers who try to glue in very large pads. He suggested using contact cement for very large pads, but said individual knee pads are okay to attach with Vynabond. Just put it on THIN.


Mohawk gives instructions with
their pads and says to use contact cement – worked like a charm.

In agreement…
I’ve used Vynabond, and Weldwood; both with success. I particularly like the red label Weldwood.

Whichever you use; follow the directions, and save yourself from the hassle of reapplication, or damage to your boat.

Anytime I am outfitting a boat, I outline each item being installed with duct tape before applying adhesive, and put down some rags or paper towels in areas where drips may occur. Can save yourself some cleanup with a little effort.


I went ahead with the mondo bond since I already had it.The instructions on the container were very similar to the vyna bond instructions.I did apply very thin coats of the glue and everything seems to be ok so far.Thanks again for the help.Sorry for taking so long to get back to you all.


The directions on the Vynabond tube tell you to apply the vinyl patch while the glue is wet. DO NOT DO THIS! V-Bond dissolves Royalex, and it can severly damage your boat in the time it takes to dry out under a d-ring!

Instead, use V-Bond like contact cement. Spread a thin layer on both surfaces, let them dry completely, then press the two surfaces together.

It also helps to warm up the dry V-Bond with a hair dryer (till the surfaces get glossy) before you press the two pieces together.