Adhesive remains

I removed the various shipping and advertising labels from my poly Perception today. A bit of glue residue remained.

What will take it off without harming the poly?

naptha - - -
naptha is a good solvent which won’t (in my experience) harm the finish. mineral spirits are also good.

I used
soap and water to soften it, then rubbed with my finger. Some solvents can make the plastic fade.

mineral spirits
Won’t harm or dull finish.

Two methods from the boss
Otherwise known as “the bride”:

1.Goop- leave on for ten to twenty minutes, then wipe off

2. Vegetable Oil put on leave overnight , then wipe off.

Believe it or not she also says peanutbutter left on overnight will also work, but she knows that I would lick it off, so she uses Goop instead.



'Sticky boat"

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I always keep a can of simple lighter fluid around for such a purpose... used it on many boats to remove residue and dissapears as soon as it removes the "sticky stuff". "Yak" on ...!
Ps. Zippo lighter fl. not charcoal lighter fl.

Goo gone
they sell it at various places.

goo gone
good stuff, works well.

think they even make a special formula for duck tape now…

goof off
seriously… great stuff that won’t effect your boat. I get it at Home Depot in the paint department. I think it’s the same as goo gone.

I love “Goof Off”"
Contains Xylene…

Another vote for cheap WD-40…
Works pretty well and you can get it anywhere, including the checkout at a lot of grocery stores.