Adhesive removal

Any suggestions on how to remove adhesive residue, left after the removal of advertising stickers from a Kevlar(natural skin coat)canoe?

Don’t want to damage the hull with strong chemicals.


Peanut Butter nm

Try this…
After you’ve removed the label (sticker), use the stiker to remove the residue…if it’s still tacky on the back. Goo-gone does wonders, but check the label for use on the material first. WD 40 will work, but again, read the label.

Both of the above work good, and
another is called Goop.

It will not hurt kevlar or any finish.

A big hail storm removes the decals and glue without you doing any work.

About seven or eight years ago I started adding decals to the deck of my Eclipse from the different places we paddled all over the country, and as we were going through Alberta, Canada we drove through a horrendous hail storm. The stones were so jagged that I thought my truck would be all scratched.

When we took the yak off the roof the next day, almost all my souvinirs were gone.



Sticker adhesive removal
Using either Goo Gone, denatured alcohol, or lighter fluid I’ve been able to remove any sticky residue I’ve ever found.


Dish soap
Apply liberally, cover with plastic wrap and let it sit overnight.

Goof-Off nm

Avon Skin-So-Soft

I concur the peanut butter suggestion!!
Works great, easy to clean, very inexpensive… If you are a paddler, you should have some with you at all times… :wink: DOH!!!

Paddle easy,


Is fingernail…
polish remover too strong?

Gasoline. But use sparingly.

Elbow grease…
Seriously, how abt WD-40? Its an organic solvent. Used it on fibreglass boats with no problem.

Goo gone
I’m not sure what’s in it that could hurt the finish bob, but it might be a good consideration.

Variations on several others
Press adhesive tape, several applications over the gunk (similar to suggestion about using sticker). Or try vegetable oil, leaving it sit for a while then wipe with dry cloth/paper towel (no peanut butter smell to attract little (k)nawing critters). But I’d followup with soapy water wash and rinse.

I’d use the alcohol first. Isopropel (rubbing) alcohol to be exact. We use it all the time on aircraft. Works pretty good and want damage the kevlar. Stay away from anything with MEK in it, it will weaken the resin.