Adhesives for hull

I’m looking for an adhesive that will stick to the hull of my plastic Kilroy DT. I’m trying to mount a piece of Yak-trak to the stern , to attach a removable motor mount, I can’t put a backer strip under it as the foam dividing the dry compartment is located there.Nothing seem to stick to the plastic. Please help. Thank you

Glue a motor mount to a plastic kayak…

I would thru bolt it with back up plates. Yes there might be access issues. But hatch(es) can be added.

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Second what @Overstreet said. Glues don’t hold well to plastic, as you have found. Definitely not going to provide enough strength for a motor mount. Bolt with a nut is the way to go. If there will be any sort of strain or pressure on this, large washers or a backing plate would also be good.

Years ago, I added pad eyes to a plastic surf kayak I had (a specialized sit on top for surfing). There was no access to the inside of the kayak, so it involved drilling a hole for a “screw out deck plate” ( which then allowed me access to the inside so I could nuts on the bolts I was using, plus a backing plate for support. A lot of work to add a pad eye, but it worked.

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Are you ready to get a boat registration for your kayak? Several states require boat registration once an electric or gas motor is attached. Just a heads up to check your state laws b4 you get a surprise.

I agree that you will need to through bolt it with an backing plate. Maybe add a through hull access port like this .Probably other sizes and styles available online.