Adhesives for mounting to fibersglass?

What kind of adhesive is best used for adhering things to the inside of of a fiberglass yak?

Something that would withstand some force- used for lash tabs for an underdeck bag, mounting bilge pump tubing, etc?


Add Glass Too…

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if it's going to be something that will get a lot of weight and stress, and/or banging around.

Glass & epoxy are messy to work with but pretty easy overall. Have lots of latex gloves around.


To bond fiberglass pieces to polyester or epoxy resin try Lord Fusor or Black Magic epoxy. I have used Black Magic to glue aluminum brackets riveted to corvette fiberglass strips to the hull of fiberglass and kevlar boats to install pedestal tractor seats. Might use some thickener(West system epoxy powder}to prevent epoxy from running. I’d go with a heavier bodied epoxy, most any should work. Give both surface good bite by scufing with a 40 grit sandpaper, clean surfaces with lacquer thinner.

Epoxy or glass work great.

I just added about a dozen small pad eyes to attach plastic ties to route hoses. The plastic pad eyes I used are a bit less than an inch long. I cut squares of glass cloth about 2 inches on each edge. I cut an opening in the cloth that the eye could pop through. I used a drop of super glue to temp attach the pad eyes. I mixed my resin and placed the glass over the pad eyes then painted on resin making sure I saturated the glass. I went back before the resin was set and poked a straw through each eye to insure I did not clog them up with the resin.

This turned out to be easy and provides great attachement points.