What type glue do I need for putting pvc D rings to a rolex canoe? Thanks in advance.

Here’s a link
I’m posting a link just to make sure these are the type of D-rings you are talking about (and not the rigid-backed ones).

Scroll to the bottom for Vyna Bond.

There are horror stories about folks melting their boats by not letting this stuff dry before sticking the patch to the boat. Having read and headed the warnings, I always use a heat gun to make sure it is completely dry.

Hey it’s winter
Tell us what you’re outfitting on your new Supernova.

Yup Vynabond
and follow the directions.

I have used PVC pipe cement in a pinch, but only on boats that I wouldn’t cry too hard about if they got trashed. So far so good.


the floatation from my old boat to the new…I’m unsure where I’ll go from there. I really like the seat very comfortable,however if I kneel in front of it I’m weight forward of center. Don’t like how she handles…If I let my feet slide back under the seat she feels better but I’m concerened about getting hung up if I tip. Seat is only nine inches high as is. I would like to wet exit a few times to see if it would be as sticky as I’m afraid it might. I guess I’ll wait for spring I don’t have a dry suit “grin”…

foot room
I can’t even imagine how bad the handling would suck trying to kneel in front of the seat.

The SN has a lot of room under the seat, especially with paddle shoes or Chota lites. That said, I once got one of my size 13s hung up for a little while.

Be safe.