Adirondack 90 Miler - Boat Question

-- Last Updated: Sep-13-11 3:03 PM EST --

Would a Phoenix Isere be OK for the Adirondack 90 Miler. Its 14'9" x 24.5 " and light enough to carry, maybe 32lbs. Does that seem fast enough, not to win, but just to move along and get off the water at a resonable time.


Sure, just enter the open touring class
there are swifities, and there are pokies.

At 32 pounds, you won’t even need wheels for the portages if you are a young stud.

jack L

Young Stud?
I am and old Fa*t and carried a Big Blue Minn2 at about 50 pounds up hill on the 90 miler. A young stud should be able to do it witha Grumman!

I like a narrow boat but you will be fine