Adirondack Access

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This is a good story about the problems between the public (canoe types) and private land owners. The state and courts have not given this issue enough attention, IMO.
any ideas, comments?

I read this article and the thing that confused me the most was this concept of a “keyhole” lake or pond. My interpretation before this was that if one gained legal access to a stream then one could boat it as far as they wanted so long as they didn’t set foot on private land, even if both shores were private. Apparently, this isn’t so if there is only one legal access point.

Having said that, why can’t one canoe down the outlet of Mud/Lilypad Pond to Shingle Shanty Bk. legally? There is public access at both the upstream end [Whitney area] and downstream end [L.Lila] so what is the problem? It seems to me that the Brandreth park people’s cable [across Shingle S B] ought to be further upstream than it is [like above the junction with Mud/Lilypad Pd. outlet]. I understand negotiations are underway to fix said problem, and thats good, but I don’t see why there even shoud be a problem. I find this stuff confounding.

On a related note, is there a cable across the Beaver R. between L.Lila and Nehasane? I’ve descended it a bit but not far, and would like to go from Lila to Stillwater Res.

Coming soon to a put-in near you: a lawyer.

Beaver River

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No cable, but a very well-Posted fish dam you have to carry over or around. Personally haven't gone further, others can speak to the section between the dam and Nehasane. I understand the fish dam is the only obstruction.

Oops, should have said the fish dam is the only man-made obstruction. If memory serves, we had to pull our boats over one or more beaver dams and/or logs.

Lila to stillwater
I too want to go here, but I think I would like it from West to East.

Nehasane from Lila
I have also wanted to paddle this route and intend to try it this spring. I have gone as far as the old bridge crossing and spillway. At the time, Sept. "03, it was low water and not something i would try with my C1 Jensen loaded with gear, but I intend to get a Wenonah Advantage or similar and do the trip with more water. I was told it gets boney on the river past the spillway and looked it in the fall. By the way, looking for the Wenonah Advantage if you know someone who wants to sell. Susan

NY Access
Unfortuantly the law in NY is not completely settled on this issue resulting in a paddler beware advice. The most recent case and a good discussion of the status of the NY law can be found at


Thanks, guys
Its too bad landowners sometimes are like this, and it seems to be worse now than it was in the past. I think during ‘Nessmuk’s’ time, people had more of a live and let live attitude about access. Of course, there were a lot less of us back then…

Madmike, I guess a Stillwater to Lila direction would [likely] put the wind at your back more often, eh? Another thing to think about is that is a helluva car shuttle, whichever direction you choose.

Goodluck to Tunabelly in the search for that canoe. In my limited experience, I found that solo owners rarely want to part with thier canoes, so its hard to buy used.

Yes, that shuttle is a bitch. I want to pack enough for a week and do it in both dirrections.