Adirondack blackflies

I’m thinking of heading up to Lake Lila next monday and am wondering if anyone has been up there recently and knows if the black flies are out yet and if so how bad they are?

Black Flies are out
The black flies were out along the West Sacendaga (near Piseco Lake) this past weekend. With the warm weather Sun-Wed I would anticipate black flies out further North at Lake Lila

Black flies on vacation
I did the Fish Creek Ponds to Floodwood trip twice over the weekend and was surprised that there weren’t any blackflies around. They’re certainly about due!

They are out
Last Friday at Camp Massawepie they were thick and biting, next day the colder weather and rain put them down, and Sunday was sunny & warm and they were back.

It seems like they are a bit early this year and that may be good, by Memorial Day they may have peaked.

Definitely don’t leave the headnet at home.

Tough to skin,
but good sprinkled on oatmeal.

Can we mourn them on Memorial Day?
Any chance the recent cold snap did in the blackflies and they’ll be gone this weekend?

Ranger at Massawepie Scout camp advised all volunteers going up for Beaver Weekend,next weekend, that its going to be bad. The cold windy weather last weekend kept them down, but Jay says they are back and very hungry. Headnets, gloves and tuck in the pants.

Hungry is an understatement…

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The ADK blackfly situation is pretty close to Maine's....and are pretty thick this Spring...not surprising with all the rain we've received up here in mid-central to northern Maine. However, this last weekend was the warmest/hottest so far this knew it was gonna be pretty rugged.