Adirondack Canoe Company Boreas Solo

I just discovered this boat last night. It’s a 14ft solo at 27 lbs. for $2000 and on sale for $1800. That sale price is almost exactly half of a new 26 lb. Hemlock Kestrel. They are different boats, and I like the looks and the specs of the Kestrel, but this other boat is half the price! I’ve found only one review here, but very little else on the rest of the internet. Anyone paddle or even seen one in person? I can’t afford a new Kestrel, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll find a used one. I CAN afford this one, tho. Thoughts?

This guy has one and likes it and he also has a Hemlock Peregrine.

Found this web page with a review of the “Lower” Boreas model:

I have a Kestrel and the “Upper” Boreas appears on paper and photo to be in a similar league as the Kestrel, the main differences being length 14’-9" vs 14’-0" and depth 11.5" vs 13.5" at center.

It would be a canoe worth looking into, that’s for sure.