Adirondack Canoe Symposium

The Adk. Canoe Symposium will occur 08-13 July in scenic downtown Ray Brook NY. Solo classes are morning events with tandem work in the afternoon. Additions to the curricula are day trips on Adirondack waterways and moving water classes. Additional information is available at or by emailing

ADK Canoe Symposium
Really wish I could be there!

I saw four folks at Turtle Pond yesterday who were planning on attending. Adding me, makes five from that event alone. A weeks’ worth of paddling, teaching, learning, hobnobbing with friends eating fine food and … What could be better?

Will be submitting my reg. this week…
A great time as always learning new stuff and hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.

I’ll be there!
Already have my campsite reserved. Just trying to decide which class to take, and when. Looking forward to seeing everyone again and trying new things.

I’m in the top corner of Meadowbrook
across from where Paul usually camps. Hope I didn’t push you out Tim…but its handy to be within easy access of the loo and the water.

You’re right about location
You didn’t push me out. Paul and I went back to the same spots we had last year. It is a good location for everything. It will be great to have you as a neighbor. There are still good spots available in the “neighborhood”.

I am in #11
see you there

Dawn Paddling
On the FreeStyle FB site, Kayamedic has been promoting the idea of some early morning (crack of dawn) paddling. The idea sounds great now and might even then. On the other hand, while laying snugly under a blanket on a cool Adirondack morning, motivation may dissipate before the morning mist does.

We’re talking paddle play
swop boats …informal exchange of ideas.

Not class! We have “homework” sessions in the afternoon where some folks do this. But sometimes we are tired or hot or the wind has reared its nasty head.

Last year there were no cool ADK mornings. Our canoe friends from the South were comfortable. The rest of us…not so much.

Also need my early a.m. caffeine fix
before I could get out there. But it could probably be done…

I’m interested…
In the morning, I like stirring the fire and quiet conversation as the flames rekindle. But I could do that on the pond too – I’ll just stir the water instead.

Dawn paddling
I can do that, but it will require a senior citizen afternoon nap for balance. Perhaps I’ll watch with a cup of coffee in hand.


Should we pick 1 day?
Not that it can’t be done multiple mornings. But maybe if we pick one, someone will actually show. Just being selfish (to point fingers at the mirror), but I might leave the fire a little earlier the night before if I know a few people are going to get up the next morning to paddle.

how to pick?
Don’t think it will be Monday… The Chalktalk Sunday can go on for a while.

Tues morning, Wed morning might be good. I bet by Thurs everyone will be tired!

Tuesday will work for me…
At least if I wake up in time…

is probably best for me too.

I Kinda Hope
That you guys aren’t expecting hot coffee and eggs over easy at 4:00 am, cause that would require your sous chef to be up and showered by, say 3am, which is not going to happen.

Coffee will be made in the campground
and pastries and juice if any…will be there too.

We will somehow fend…and let the sous chef slumber.

This breakfast is not part of the meal plan