Adirondack Canoe Symposium

It is camp for OLD kids (young kids are welcome too). You get to compete on the flatwater slalom course against your friends. You can take day trips with your canoe to cool places in the Adirondacks. You get to learn the secrets of making your canoe do what you want it to do - and you get that cool feeling of amazement, accomplishment and pride when it does. You get to sit around the campfire and sing songs.

The Old Kids part? You get to eat dinners cooked by gourmands while sharing an adult beverage. There is nap time instead of craft time. The canoes we paddle are sleek, sensuous and a lot cooler than what we paddled as (young) kids. I don’t have to sneak out of my tent at night to meet up with a blonde beauty (she’s already in the tent with me).

Check it out at The registration deadline is approaching.