Adirondack Canoes

On CL there is an Adirondack Canoe that I might want to pick up as a fixer upper but I can’t seem to find much info on them. Reminds me of the old Stowe Canoes with ribs and a nice line to it. No mention of width, length, or model. Anyone have the skinny on this boat?



I Had
A Stowe Mansfield - this is not one of those. The Mansfield had recurved ends. Other than that it looks about the same.

I bought mine as a basket case for 200 bucks and fixed it up. I used it for a number of years and when I went to sell it I was bummed that I could only get $350 for it. These boats, with the faux ribs, are pretty but not many people want them.


Nice boat

This hull is an imitation of the Merrimack/Navarro layup. Better than the Stowe Mansfield. The laced seats and the hull interior are dead copies. With your experience it should not be too bad of a fix. Question is whether the hull is torn. As long as the ribs and cloth are solid under where the gunwales took the whack, this will be a nice fixer-upper that will look great when done. And not too bad to paddle.

Somewhere in my archives i have some information on this short lived company. i will post information if i can remember to research for you.


Looks like a challenging project, Doug.
I had a Navarro - which is similar in appearance, if not construction. FWIW, one of the reasons I have since avoided the Navarro and Merrimack brands is that false-rib construction. They are gorgeous - too pretty for use by someone like me. But they are also more maintenance-intensive (the Navarro, at least) than, say, a Mad River composite.

That repair job looks like it will be pretty difficult to pull of and leave it looking nice - but I bet you are up to it. The price seems high to me though for such a damaged boat. Most buyers will be scared off by the damage though, so maybe you can get it for much less.

Thanks Bill
If you do find something that would be great. I’m still mulling it over.