Adirondack Classic 90 start time ?

I`ll be tripping in the area and would enjoy watching the start on friday.

Anyone spectating, pitting, or competing , what time will it start? Thanks.

between 8.00 and 9.30 depending a on fog. Get to the old Forge river front and wander around the 250 boats getting ready to start, it is exciting.

start time ?
I couldn’t find a start time listed on Mac’s website, but as stated, it’s fog dependent. It’s a wave start w/ 8-9 different waves beginning w/ a few minute intervals between classes

Entry fee is now bit high for my budget but regardless many are turned away every yr so I must be in minority

Start times
Paddlers meeting at 7:30 on Friday, first wave off at 8am unless the fog doesn’t lift. There are 12 start waves listed this year. 3 waves for Open Touring alone.

Saturday is usually half an hour later, first wave at 8:30. Sunday back to 8am for the first wave.

The entry fee at $150 is steep, but it does include camping for 3 nights, and the post race meal in addition to the tee shirt and mileage pin. Join the Adirondack Watershed Alliance and get $25 off the registration fee, and a reduced registration at all their other races.