Adirondack Freestyle Symposium

The Adirondack Freestyle Symposium will be held July 20th -24th at Star Lake.

Tom MacKenzie, the founder and organizer of the event previously sent out an email stating that due to illness he would not be able to host the event this year. Several of us have offered to run the event for Tom and it will go on as planned. The site has been reserved and registration information will be sent out shortly.

If you have not previously attended AFS and would like additional information or registration info. please email me at Please mark AFS on the subject line.

Marc Ornstein

Adirondack Freestyle Symposium
Registration forms and full information for the 2008 Adirondack Freestyle Symposium are now posted on the freestyle website Be sure to fill out the complete registration including lodging, food, class requests and the insurance waver. Please direct any questions to Marc Ornstein at

Marc Ornstein

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Obedience Lessons for Your Canoe
Now for all of you hardened solo trippers who wonder what all this FreeStyle hoopla is about, it can be simple or hard.

The basics involve you understanding why your solo boat has a mind of its own and effective ways to make that boat work for you instead of agin’ you.

You will learn more physics than you probably actually remember from high school. This time you won’t forget any of it; its so much fun.

You will come to adore Sir Isaac and his laws of motion.

You will learn biology too in the form of kinematics; effective muscle use.

Transposed into tripping your mileage or kilometerage is going way up and you will have energy left at the end of the day for all those other solo pursuits that you enjoy.

You will learn some neat ways to make your boat turn or not effectively with very little effort. You will come to love rivers like the Tim after this symposium.

If you like you can continue your music studies…that comes a little later…some folks like to learn how to choreograph particular paddle manuevers to music though that is not the basic premise of FreeStyle.

That music stuff is the hard part.

And we will do some inside circles…particularly fun with cross forwards!

carving and skidding
Certainly we’ll get into carving and skidding initiations to skidded maneuvers, inclouding the inside and offside circles.

Whitewater guys might be encouraged to bring their C-1s / OC-1s for comparison.

I signed up,
and am really excited. I have been working on my maneuvers, watching the DVD, reading the book and then going back out to the water. I have taken one swim, but am waiting for a little warmer water.


FS really helps in whitewater
because you will learn how to make fewer and more effective strokes… Its amazing what you can get a boat to do with two strokes.

At lunch today on a pushy class 2 ww run I went over biomechanics for draws and cross draws and hangning draws for the three newbies in our group… Their strokes improved dramatically after lunch.

I probably never would have learned this w/o FS lessos.

Adirondack Freestyle Symposium

The deadline for AFS registration is June 29th. The postcards that were mailed to previous attendees incorrectly stated June 1st.

Registering early, if you can, will make our job easier but the correct deadline in June 29th.

Marc Ornstein