Adirondack Pack Canoes

I’ve really enjoyed paddling my little OT Pack this past year. Now I want to upgrade to a kevlar pack canoe. There aren’t many reviews anywhere on the ones I’m interested in. I’m looking for feedback from owners or folks that have tried the canoes out I’m interested in. In order of preference here they are:

Placid Boatworks Spitfire

Hornbeck 12

Rainbow Boatworks Backcountry 12

Hemlock Nessmuk XL

Vermont Canoe Tupper

Bell Bucktail

Most of my paddling includes fly fishing for brook trout and salmon on smaller lakes and ponds though I do venture onto some bigger windy lakes once in awhile. All of these boats except one are manufactured in upstate New York or Vermont, about a 12 hour drive for me. I’d like to narrow it down so when I take a trip this spring I will only hit 2-3 shops to check out the boats. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Rare boats for most of us.
I looked at all of them, all were nice little canoes. Tough choice. Paddle them if you can.

Rare indeed

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Definitely niche boats. But they are perfectly suited for fishing the type of waters we have here in Northern Maine. They are more like open deck kayaks. To my mind the best of both worlds. However, your mileage may vary. Good luck with your canoe project.

Can’t get the time to put the canoe in
the water. Yes, those solo canoes are a lot like open kayaks. I liked all but the price. They’d fist my fishing situations too, though on bigger water. A couple didn’t have the capacity I’d like, but all were neat canoes.