Adirondack Paddlefest, Old Forge, NY

Mountainman Outdoor Supply Company is having their 3 day sale on May 15, 16 and 17. It’s a drive from anywhere but you can test paddle just about anything. There’s places to stay-over if need be.

hope for…
GOOD weather. 2 years ago it snowed.

I’m bringing my drysuit!


really not everything

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I've driven to the event several times from downstate and might suggest revising the "just about everything" description to reality just a bit. It really is a great opportunity to try out boats offered, meet paddlesport experts, and shop for gear. Just need to remember that as an event sponsored by one business, the boats offered are only those MM is a dealer for. This is not a full industry event. IMO, while MM has a fine offering of canoes and rec kayak brands, probably what fits for the Adirondacks, it does not carry many of the desirable sea kayak/touring kayak brands-many praised on the forums here. This is not an event criticism as one retailer can not carry all manufacturer brands. Just a reality check. For the sea/touring kayaker, MM carrys Current Designs, Impex, Swift, and WS. So you have the Caribou, Montauk, Force Series, Currituck, Bering Sea, Tempest, and Zephyr. 7 models if they have them in stock for the event.

That means anyone looking to try out Valley, NDK, P & H, or Necky composite boats will not find them at this event. For QCC fans, of course they are not present either. That means no Romanys, Chathams, Explorers, Avocets, Avocet LVs, Aquanauts, Capellas, Cetus, Quests, Anas Acutas, Pintails, QCC 600s, QCC 700s,etc.

the Adirondacks…
A beautiful area…


is carried by MM and Chathams (and other Necks)are there on the beach.


my bad
my error Steve . . I was careful to check their website inventory listing and saw no Chathams listed. Perhaps not up to date. Sorry bout that.

you want good weather you’ll get blackflies - I like the snow … (OK, not really, they use BT on the blackflies around Old Forge , but it doesn’t seem to have much effect on the snow!)

I’ll try to make it there again this year to wash your boats for you (wearing a drysuit, of course) - you always seem to bring ones that need a lot of cleaning! Bring some new boats - we’ll test those new hatch covers for ya!



not sure
myself, if they will be there this year. I know they were last year.

maybe not…??


SP, thanks for the reality check, its a
long drive for me. Maybe I’d rather save the trip and go to Raystown.

what bigspenser said


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Yup, not putting down Paddlefest or the nice boats available there. Impex Force. Tempest. Great boats. Just objectively pointing out the boat brands not represented there. When a lot of folks see a paddling expo or festival advertised, they assume it is an industry-wide event with every manufacturer there. Like an industry trade show. The Adirondack one is sponsored by one large outfitter/retailer and they certainly have lots of brands to choose from. Just not some of the highly praised mainly Brit designs. I just did not want folks driving to Old Forge, assuming they were going to test paddle Explorers, Romanys, Avocets, Capellas, and the much talked about Scorpio or Cetus. Not trying to drive away business from Paddlefest. Just means if you want to try all the sea kayaks, may need to visit a couple of places.

They have Capellas, too.
Or they did last year anyway

MM 'Fest

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hi all...i've been to this b4 too...probably a good thing here is ... you can watch others test paddle and get some idea of how a boat rides in the water. that's a hard thing to see when you are doing the paddling. I also agree the stock available is somewhat limited based on what MM is carrying for that year. Not really great deals on anything either. Ok deals but not great. Nice option of a place to go instead of sittin around. i've sat on the beach pen and paper in hand .boat X ok...boat B nope! ...boat D not bad...etc For anyone who hasn't been in the area in awhile ,, the other MM shop up the other side of Inlet has been closed. The shop in Blue Mt. Lake is prolly not open for the season yet. they seem to cater to the high end boat market.

Yup no Brits, but…
A lot of other neat boats.

We hadn’t gone in years, but are planning to this year.

If nothing else I want to meet Steve (Flatpick) and say thank you.

Though we’re probably not buying a new kayak this year (but I hope to play with a few newer models while there) Celia is looking at canoes… After all now that we have 6 sea kayaks and 4 whitewater kayaks, it seems time to expand our vistas :wink:

see ya there!!!