Adirondack paddling suggestions...

Hi-- can anyone recommend a good recreational paddling site in the Lake Placid area? We’ll be there over Columbus Day weekend with our two pungoes. Needs to be scenic, with a good dry launch site: take out at launch site. A good launch on Lake Placid itself might be good, if you know one. Thanks.

The Saranacs
The series of Saranac Lakes are beautiful paddling.

Good put-ins, beautiful scenery, numerous islands.

There is a very good paddler’s map of the Adirondaks.

Follensby Clear Pond!
Follensby Clear Pond!

Too Easy
You will be right in the heart of great canoe country and will have no troble finding exactly what you are looking for…all within a 20 minute drive, if not significantly shorter.

BEWARE THE WEATHER! Wonderfully warm can change to frightfully frigid very quickly.

We paddled in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks on Columbus Day week-end for years. It can be in the low 70s and/or it can snow.

Paddling in snow is very neat.

Stop at the visitor center…

– Last Updated: Sep-22-04 6:23 AM EST – Old Forge, and pick up a free copy of the canoe trails.
We just got back from the Adirondack Canoe Festival, and there are so many good places to paddle, you could go out every day and never do the same place twice.
I equate it with the Boundary Waters.
We are already planning a extended paddling trip up there next year after Labor Day.
The scenery is beautiful, and the waterways are what I call friendly, just like the residents.
I have never seen so many canoes in one place in all my life.
There are several lakes that have over a hundred camp sites on the shore line aound the lake.
Many of the lakes are connected to each other by small rivers or small lakes.

Floodwood Pond
My husband and I camped five days last week on a small island. He caught a big fish. Much fun. We go every year in September.