Adirondack, shuttles and daytrip info??

Hey all, Just getting back into paddling and want to visit the Adirondacks, I am in North Jersey so not too far. I am interested in day trips in the Tupper, Saranac, or Old Forge,Inlet area. Can anyone suggest a outfitter who can supply me with info needed for the trip and also do the shuttle. I will be taking my own canoe. I am interested in other areas too wherever it my be in the Adiron’ks. Looking foward to getting up there

Thanks much TP

One of my favorites is Dave Cilley at St. Regis Canoe Outfitters, they have a website They have gear, do shuttles, and also help you figure out routes if you need.

mutual shuttle
I’m not sure what your timing is, but I’m planning a trip to drive up from NJ to the St. Regis Canoe Wilderness around mid May. I’ll be doing the Nine Carries route (or some permutation of it). Maybe we could shuttle each other?


St Regis
Thanks guys, I’ll check out St Regis for sure.

Vince, I don’t think I am up to two carries never mind nine. Are you going up for the day, week?? I will go up for 2-3 days probably get to paddle 2 of them. I have to get on the water a little before I tackle anything substantial, it’s been a while…

Thanks Tony

Brian and Grace McDonnell
Mac’s Canoes in Lake Clear is a great place. They are right on the main road, have canoes to sell and rent, do outfitting and guiding,live there year round and know all the good places to go. They put in a lot of time organizing a canoe race series for the Adirondack ARC, and running the annual 90 Miler Race. Good people who treat you like family.


St. Regis
I’m only going up for a weekend, either in May or June (Blackfly season). You don’t need to do the Nine Carries Route, there are plenty of “non-carry” routes in the area.

Even though I have always lived a few hours away, this will be my first trip to the Adks.


for old forge area

they can help with old forge an inlet area they do shuttle