Adirondack suggestions close to Syracuse

I just moved from Buffalo to Syracuse and the Adirondacks are now close enough for me to consider some overnight trips! But I am not very familiar with this side of the Adirondacks (say within two hours of Syracuse.) I have a young family to take with me so I can’t be too bold. I am familiar with all the public campgrounds based on the DEC website. Can anyone suggest:

  1. Campsites that I can paddle to, up to several miles away from where I can park my car.

  2. Campsites along the road (not necessarily on water) that I can drive to and camp overnight. (Like the ones along Floodwood Road, but on this side of the Adirondacks.)

    And I’m always interested in other neat things to do in the area.

Salt city native

I grew up in the Syracuse area. Can’t claim to be an expert on the Dacks but can give you a few things to check out. Stillwater resevoir is reasonably close. All primitive camping with many sand beaches and no portage access. Nicks lake near Utica is more civilized if that’s what you need. Moose River Plains area again primitive camping. Hope that helps,Frogge.

Eastern inlets of Big Moose Lake

Limekiln lake DEC campground

South Inlet of Raquette Lake

Eighth lake

its been a while
But we used to like to camp at Piseco. A kind of neat place is Indian Lake Islands. You can park, get your island and then paddle out from a very short way to three miles.

Its been about thirty years since we escaped Syracuse. We liked Stillwater too but I remember planning for one canoe camping weekend and going up to find the lake still iced over May 15.

Check out the local canoeing club
You might consider checking out the local canoe club - especially their page on 2005 trips for suggestions.

Brown’s Tract Pond
DEC campground but no running water. Beautiful & peaceful area.

West/central ADK canoeing
Forked Lake – most/all sites accessible only by boat or hiking. (state campground).

Indian lake – many island sites.

7th/8th Lake also have water-accessible sites.

Other state campground sites – Nick’s Lake (Old Forge) is nice since the lake is motorless. No major roads immediate to the lake, but can be popular due to proximity to Old Forge. Brown’s Tract Pond (Racquette Lake) – also some distance from major roads, with lot’s of opportunities for day paddles, etc. 7th Lake – close to Rt.28, but lots of paddling/hiking opportunities. Golden Beach (Racquette Lake) – also near Rt. 28. Limekiln Lake (Inlet) - more developed than Nick’s Lake, but in early spring I would guess things should be pretty quiet. Thirteenth Lake – water accessible sites.

Forked Lake
I have never camped on Forked Lake. Is it set up like lake Lila and the Bog River flow with designated sites around the lake for free? Or do they torture you and have to register on reserve America? I am not referring to the campground. I want to camp on the remote lake front sites. I understand there are quite a few on the lake. What part of this lake can’t you paddle and camp on? How is the fishing at Forked? Are there tons of jet skiers (hate them)and boaters. Thanks for any help. Buzz