adirondack trip

My fiance and I were wanting to take a canoe camping trip in the Adirondacks this summer. We have never been up there before, and wanted to know if anyone recommends a specific trip. We would prefer a loop so that we do not have to take two vehicles to shuttle our canoe. Thank you.

There is a whole forum
dedicated to the Adirondacks. There are many loop trips. One of the easiest to arrange from a rental standpoint is to use St. Regis Outfitters.

Here’s another
good place to check with-

They’re just a few miles from where I live.They can provide both advice and any gear you might still need.

You have to pick where you are going
Neither store is close to each other, but a good two hour drive apart.

thank you
Thanks, i will look into those two places.

Where are you located?
Depending on where you are located, maybe you could join up with a group? I am in the Buffalo area, and there is a group called BOM, that is on the website. There may be another meetup group in your area. It’s worth a shot.

You don’t mention experience level, canoe or kayak, or level of wilderness desired. Pick up “Quiet Water New York” for a good decription of the entire region plus more. If you don’t own a boat and want to portage you will need to find a good outfitter with kevlar canoes (not hard in the Adirondacks). Try going up the week before Labor Day as many people leave because of school. Just make sure you leave before Labor Day weekend if you are looking for solitude. St Regis Canoe Area, Lake Lila, Low’s Lake are excellent choices.

I think the book titled
Adirondack Paddlers Guide is much more focused and detailed. The companion map is also a must have

Paddlers Guide
I agree (I own both), however I think it is geared more towards the experienced paddler more of less familiar to the area. The Quiet Guide has many many more options for the novice and gives a good overall look at the Adirondacks and most of New York.

Thanks for this solid tip

I’m also in the Bflo area and do a lot of paddling here and in the Adirondacks. Message me if you have any specific questions about kayaking or canoeing in the Adirondacks, Ontario, or WNY. I also belong to the local chapter of the Adirondack Mtn. Club, which does a little bit of everything here. Personally, I just paddled across Lake Ontario from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Toronto this week, and am heading up to Cranberry Lake in another week for a camping trip.

Saranac is good
My wife and I recently did a 3-da trip on Middle Saranac Lake.

Trip report here:

Beginner trip
a Couple nice places, for beginners with no reservations, in the Adirondacks:

Follensbee Clear Pond; there are two road accesses into this pond right off the main highway between Fish Creek State Campgrounds and Lake Clear. There are over 20 campsites on this pond that are first come first served, no fee required. From this pond you can canoe for miles thru calm ponds and quiet streams. You can also paddle out into Upper Saranac Lake. With short portages you can connect to the St. Regis Canoe Area and all its ponds looping back to your start point. You will never be more than a half days travel from your car. And its less than half an hour from Tupper Lake or Saranac Lake Village and its stores to resupply. There is a nice general store on the main road just outside Fish Creek Campgrounds for ice, food, supplies and ice cream.

Lows Lake: You access off the road to Horseshoe Pond, which is off the main road just south of the south end of Tupper Lake. It is a nice pleasant paddle in from Lows Lower Dam thru Hitchins Pond to Lows Upper Dam and a short portage to Lows Lake. There are free sites along the route from the put-in at Lows Lower Dam to the carry at the Upper Dam and many sites from the Upper Dam along the route from there to the open parts of Lows Lake. The only restricted areas are at Sabattis Scout Camp and a private camp farther west along the north shore. You can spend a week exploring Lows Lake and come back out the same route. A fast paddling team can make it from the far campsites on Lows Lake to the put-in at the lower dam in 3 hours or less. Lows can be windy on its open parts, but sticking to the islands and using the back channels you can still travel on windy days. Its a beautiful spot, but not so easy to resupply once you are in. And there are Bears, very seasoned and smart Bears.


I like the Oswegatchie from Inlet to High Falls. A pretty paddle against a gentle current for two days, the one day back out with the current at your back. No carries (unless you want to go beyond High Falls) but a few beaver dams to pull the boat over.

Another is The Bog River Flow and Lows Lake. One carry over the dam, but it’s real pretty once you get out on Lows Lake.

One more is Little Tupper Lake and Round Pond. Little Tupper gets a lot of campers on it because of the easy access, but Round Pond has a very remote feel. One short carry over a dam to get to Round Pond.