Adirondack Water Levels 2022

Anyone know what the current lake and river water levels are this year in the Adirondacks? Specifically in the Raquette, Blue Mountain, and Long Lakes areas. High, low, normal?

Storms and frequent showers over the past wet week have well watered the Adirondack region. My small lake not far from Old Forge has risen 5 inches over the period. It looks like a normal year for the upcoming 90 miler.


The ADK is the only place in the state that has had sufficient rain, levels there are normal.

We had plenty of water for the 90 last weekend. As a matter of fact, some of the usual low shallows to watch out for (e.g. the stump field at the end of 7th Lake, for one) were not shallow at all.

We were up for two weeks, leading a group of 23 people on the second week. The 90 Miler ends up right in from of out cabin on the first day on Curry’s Beach. During that time there was only one beaver dam that we came across that could not just be paddled over.