Adirondack water taxi

One of my favorite reasons to paddle the wild lakes of the Adirondacks. I took this photograph recently in the St. Regis Canoe Area. I'll stress that my use of a long lens and converter allowed me to stay distant and not harass the photo subjects.



excellent photo
One of the best I’ve seen, congratulations on an excellent capture. Loons make the best subjects without a doubt. Did you use a tripod or are you just incredibly steady-handed?

Nice picture. You should be able to market that one! Congratulations! Tell us more about what camera, film, settings, etc.


Subject heading as good as picture!!

What a wonderful photo. Loons are my absolute favorite reason to go to the Adirondacks. My trips just aren’t complete until I see at least one and hear their haunting call. My favorite times are early morning while camping out in the middle of nowhere. They keep me company. Thank you for sharing this great photo.

very kool i saw a loon with 6 young i hope they all make it

Survival & Photo
An outstanding photo!

Regarding the chicks “making it”…keep your eyes on the skies for bald eagles. Apparently loon chicks are a favorite food of the eagles…and loon parents do very little to protect the nest, other than to flee. While beautiful, loons really are quite stupid birds.

Another tid-bit: the name “loon” has nothing to do with their maniacal laugh. It’s actually a corruption of an old Scandinavian word, something akin to “leuwehgin”…and means “clumsy,” in reference to their abilities on land.