Adirondacks Anyone?

Hello. My fiance and I are newby’s and we were thinking about buying a canoe and going to Adirondacks fishing for our honeymoon this summer (July). The area is so large and I am overwhelmed with what to do and where to stay and so on.

We would like to splurge and stay in a cabin by the water.

Can anyone help us?

Try these links

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to get your questions answered:


you could also search these sites

As you say the Adks are large - 6 million acres. There are uncountable places to stay on an even larger # of lakes, streams, & ponds. You can find everything from a small off the grid cabin on a remote brook to 5 star accommodations on a large lake. Old Forge, Lake Placid & Lake George are the busiest tourist destinations. DEC website has info on fishing

I could recommend any number of great paddling destinations but am unfamiliar w/ their fishing or honeymoon potential. Enjoy !


Still befuddled
I looked at the posts on the ADK forum and I cannot find anything solid.

Let me rephrase my question.

What AREA would be the best to stay and fish and hike and sightsee?


Sorry for my lack of precsion;

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what I meant was for you to "post" your questions on the ADK forum, a region specific forum, with people who would be likely happy to give you lots of input.

Suggest you post both the "Paddling" and the "Lodging" threads.

I suggest the Saranac Lake area.

Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow, 3rd edition (1988, revised 1994), by Paul Jamieson and Donald Morris.

Probably more useful to flat-water paddlers, Quiet Water New York, 2nd edition (2007) by John Hayes and Alex Wilson.

Just published in July 2008 by Paddlesports Press, Dave Cilley's Adirondack Paddler’s Guide is a must have book. It is available at St. Regis Canoe Outfitters store locations, or by contacting Dave at

Trip Planning and Equipment Rentals (this is not meant to be a comprehensive list as there are several other good outfitters in the area).

Adirondack Lakes and Trails Outfitters is located in Saranac Lake.

Raquette River Outfitters has locations in Long Lake and Tupper Lake.

St. Regis Canoe Outfitters has locations in Lake Clear and Saranac Lake.


Anywhere but stay out of Placid

What kind of hiking? Mountains? Hills?

Cranberry Lake area is less populated and accessible for paddling and hiking.

So is Long Lake and Tupper Lake.

I have lived in or visited the Daks for 42 years and the choices are infinite.

Saranac Lake is a far quieter town and up along rt 30 is the St Regis Canoe Area… there are plenty of places in the area to get a cabin …

I would stay away from Old Forge…another very busy area.

Wanakena is a beautiful spot near Cranberry Lake and there are lodgings there too. This village looks like it is in the late 1800’s

Sorry. Thanks.
Ok. I will try those sites and post a message. We will be there in July, are there is fly problem or moquito problem that we should know about?

What MikeT said in both posts…
ADK Forum is a tremendous wealth of info, you just gotta ask…

1 vote for old forge

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i agree adk forum is great, but if you're new to the adk and want to get a taste of what it has to offer, old forge is a great place to start. yes, it's a tourist town and every elitist on this board looks down on it, but it has many things to keep you occupied.

if you want paddling on a lake, the fulton chain is before you (for fewer motor boat traffic, go down rt 28 and put-in at 7th lake.) if you want a slow, meandering river paddle, catch the middle branch of moose river right in town (tinkner's in town has reasonable rates for canoe/kayak rental and shuttle.) if you want a short hike with a great view, you can't beat bald/rondax mtn. just down the road. it has a fire tower at the top that's open to the public. if you want to see how the other half lived and learn a little adk histry, go on a tour of camp sagamore, near raquette lake, 30 minutes away. it was the summer camp of the vanderbilts. if you want more adk history, the adk museum at blue mtn lake is 1 hour away. if it gets too hot and you want some clean, wet fun, a pretty good water park is in town. and if you really want to piss off the idiot purists around here, go window shopping in town, it'll drive them batty. you'll know who they are because they'll be the ones foaming at the mouth as they drive thru town. oh, almost forgot, if you got tired of camp cooking, goto a restaurant in town.

edit: you're out in nature so mosquitoes will always be a problem. solution: bug spray. more importantly, the black flies may still be around in early to mid-july. it's going to be hit or miss, tho.

Email Glen L
Trout Lily,

i spend a lot of time in the Adirondacks and like to get away from the crowds and powerboat traffic.

The St. Regis Canoe area is where the portages separate the crowd from the outdoor people. The farther back from the road you go, the better the fishng also. Lots less pressure. Bugs will still be there in July, but the Black Flies will not be as bad as they are right now.

The St. Regis is not the most remote region, but it is one of the places where you can be alone, and still be within a few hours paddle and a short car ride to town for supplies, or medical help.

When i have a particular question, Glen L. is the guy with the answers. He should be the one updating the old guide books. His knowledge of the remote lakes and carries is the best; and he tells you the small details that make finding a put in or carry easy.

If you are not a strong paddler take his time estimates and add 20%. He really cruises along at a race pace and can go all day at that pace. Some of us are more mortal and slow down after lunch.


aww shucks …
Thanx, Bill, for those kind words. Hope you could profit from any backcountry info I shared in the past.

It’s been 40 yrs since my honeymoon (wife & I eloped to NC from PA home on weekend of Woodstock) so can’t give that kinda advice but always more than willing to share what I know about Adk paddling & hiking

Sounds like you would like to be on a
lake or chain of lakes with a cottage.

White Pine Camp in Paul Smiths is one place I have canoe by many times. On Osgood Lake it is fairly remote yet you can go to town (Saranac Lake) if you want to go out for a nice dinner.

When you are describing an area bigger than Yellowstone you need to make some decisions. But I am guessing you would like something romantic, not buzzed by outboards and where you can get some good fishing.

I am partial to the Paul Smiths area for its visitor information nature center, great hiking and paddling in the St Regis Canoe Area. There are an assortment of large lakes and small ponds there.

There are other neat canoeing spots like the Whitney Tract and the mainline from Old Forge to Saranac or Tupper or Buck Pond or one of my favorites Low’s Lake

here is another website for you to look at.

I would not wait too long to book a lodging. If you want to just paddle and camp no reservations necessary.

she nailed it
I think Kayamedic’s suggestion is a great one !

Women know what’s romantic & White Pine camp would offer that & more. Paul Smiths area & Osgood Pond have lots to offer. Paddle down the very scenic Upper Osgood River for some awesome boreal scenery or up the inlet stream into Jones Pond where a single carry yields Rainbow lake & beyond. Another great day trip from Osgood is a tour of the St Regis Lakes where a single .6m carry would allow a very scenic loop & highlite the magnificent views & Great camp architecture to be seen there. St Regis canoe area is a 50 yd carry from Upper St Regis Lake. Saranac Lake & Lake Plastic restaurants are a relatively short drive away. Great hiking close by. Adk boreal & glacial scenery are @ their best near Paul Smiths & High Peaks for more ambitious hiking are also nearby. Enjoy!


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I got married in the ADK's, lived there a long time ago, like to stop in every year for a couple of trips and reminisce about the ANCIENT days in the 60's when I learned to paddle there.

But do you ever think I actually STAYED in one of those places..nooo it was the ground for us.

I did work at Camp Sagamore a few years ago and its remarkable. And way out of my budget.

I still rant and rave about the new Paul Smiths Library but it is lovely when it rains and you want to look outdoors without being there.

The Oswegatchie river was my first overnight canoe trip and my boyfriend (before he became hubby) did a loop in the new St Regis area in the late sixties.(My memory is fuzzy might not have been established yet) With a