adirondacks end of season is when?

When do the canoe rental places in Adirondacks usually close for the season?

La Veredrye seems to close 1st weekend in September but I was looking at planning a trip during the 2nd week…

When it freezes
Ls V closes for la chasse. The ADKs don’t close. Just wear safety orange.

Some campgrounds in the ADKs close Labor Day. But the lakes do not.

Who are you renting from? St Regis Outfitters may or may not have their Floodwood base open.

Weather Underground
weather of the day is modified to whenever during past years in the almanac

Come up the second week
(the 5th 6th and 7th) and watch 400 hundred canoes, kayaks, guide boats and war canoes racing the 90 miler.

Jack L

90 miler

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Actually the 90-miler race is limited to 275 boat entries. It is a terrific event to either paddle in, or to watch. It begins in Old Forge early in the morning of Friday September 5th, and ends in Saranac Lake (the village) on Sunday afternoon.

Outfitters in the Adirondacks will rent boats well into cold weather, until the water turns solid.

Don’t forget to ask about when to put on
your snow tires.

Right, I should have said 400 paddlers
Jack L

90 miler count
Curiosity got the better of me… from the entry list, a count yields 652 paddlers in 278 boats (some will drop out before start date to the 275 limit). The huge popularity of C4s in recent years keeps the total number of paddlers high.