Adirondacks - Hatchery Brook?

Anyone travel down the Hatchery Brook from Little Clear Pond to Upper Saranac lately? Just wondering what condition it is in.

Thanks, Mike

try the AKD Paddling Forum

Or, call St Regis Canoe Outfitters or better yet, Macs Canoe Rental - their base is only a couple miles down the road from the Hatchery . Let us know what you find out - I have been wondering the same thing . I last did it about 20 years ago.

Two years ago…
I traveled upstream from the lake to Route 30. The Markham Pt. road bridge must be carried around; it’s too low to paddle under. Besides that I recall at least two freshly fallen trees that required reconnoitering. I do remember walking the boat through quite a few shallows. I did not do the section between Little Clear and Route 30 so I don’t know what would be encountered there.

Some photos from June 2007