adirondacks ice-out?

-- Last Updated: Apr-13-04 11:54 AM EST --

The weather report for this weekend looks to be favorable (although cold at night) for an early 3-day paddling/camping trip into the Adirondacks. Thinking along the lines of the south end of Cranberry, or maybe Fish Pond with the new canoe, or maybe Bog River Flow. Can anyone report on the wetness of the water up that way? The wife & I are really chomping at the bit to get out there, we're way overdue for a long weekend camping & paddling. Spring chores be damned!

Take an Icepick & Shovel
I cannot speak for the ADK’s, but the nearby Tug Hill is still fairly frozen. Most of the seasonal roads are still blocked. Cranberry Lake may be do-able, but dicey. I’d be surprised if you could get into Low’s yet. For Cranberry info, contact these guys:

jumping the gun
There I go again, jumping the gun! I thought sure things would be opening up by now in the north country. And with them talking temps in the 50’s & 60’s Sat. & Sun. respectively I got understandably over-excited. Oh well, those spring chores may get done after all.

wanta paddle bad
JoeLillyDipper was’nt joshin.

I took a drive up to “the hill” hopeing to get into camp,even if i had to use 4WD;no deal,still 8-10 inches of wall to wall snow with ice under it on Little John drive,and yes the ponds are still iced over.

Adirondack paddler who realy knows the area very well says that for the last two years,and most likely this year also,the ice out date for Lows is April 27(at the earliest).


I live in Lake George village and the ice in the lake is just starting to break up. I love the Saranac lake area and make the 1st weekend in May my 1st outing up there each year. Ice is usually out of the bigger lakes by then but I have often found the ponds still frozen and have had snow on my camping trips. Once 8 inches on may 14th LOL !! Snow flurries in July, yep seen that too! Ya got ta love the Adirondacks.

Go with the Flow !
Yes, the Adk lakes are still ice covered. Even the lake (310ft) in my backyard NW of Blue Line still has ice in it’s center.

Have it on reliable info the median ice out date for Lower St Regis Lake (1619 ft) is April 20. Low’s @ 1743ft thaws later. Cranberry @ 1485 may happen sooner especially near Wanakena w/ current from Oswegatchie

Good news is the rivers are all open & ice free so there’s plenty of places to dip your paddle.

Enjoy !

ADK ice out
I was in the Saranac region yesterday, 4/15, and the lakes are still frozen including Schroon and Lake George. Anything with a current seems to be open.


Lake Ice update
On a return trip Sunday evening from a S Adk paddling destination here’s what I obseved from the adjacent rds/trails:

Still ice covered - Sacandaga L, L Pleasant, Fawn L open on N end, Indian L, (Lewey partially open) L Durant (rotten), Blue Mt L, Tupper L (although Raquette & Simon Pond sections open) Carry falls Res.

Long L was open above causeway & as far S as I could see from bridge

Thanks Glen,

I’ve resigned myself to being patient a couple more weeks and concentrating on getting some of the much-needed chores done around the property. Looks like first weekend of May should be open & chores out of the way. Can’t wait!