Adirondacks in the spring

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My wife and I will be in NYC in mid May next year for our son's graduation and she has suggested a little escape to the Adirondacks right after the commencement.

This will not be a paddling trip per se, but I do want to get some paddle time in there. I am looking for suggestions for canoe or kayak day trips, whether out and back or point to point with transportation from an outfitter, etc.

It needs to be something easy because my wife is neither athletic nor a paddling enthusiast, but she will go along for an easy and pleasant scenic paddle.

So I guess what I would like to know is:
1. Lakes or rivers that are scenic, easy and accessible.
2. Outfitters to rent boats from and provide transportation.
3. The kind of weather we may encounter in mid to late May and what to wear (we live in Texas and are totally ignorant about what to expect).


Hi. From NYC it is about a 3.5 hour drive to the southeren Adirondacks (Lake George area) and about 5.5 hours to the St Regis Canoe Area. If you have the time,I think the SRCA should be someone’s first trip. Pick up the book Quiet Water Canoe Guide: New York for excellent descriptions of canoeing in the entire region. The outfitters in Saranac and Tupper lakes do complete outfitting, car tranport, and rent excellent canoes and kayacks. St Regis Canoe Outfitters even does food. The weather is cool at night (can go down to the upper 30’s) and you may encouter black flies. There are excellent lodging and shopping options in and around Saranac Lake too.

Thanks for the info
Why do you think St. Regis is better for a first timer?

Outfitters in the Adirondacks

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St . Regis

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I think it is better because there is nothing like it anywhere else in the region. It affords realative ease of access, beauty, relative solitude, the "pond hopping" experience, history and no motors. In addition, the outfitters are all excellent and close by. There are many other great places, but none offers all of these. It is a great intro to canoe camping and the Adirondacks.

One more (in Saranac Lake), Adirondack Lake and Trails Outfitters

I will check all these contacts out.

I have used them all and they all do a great job. Mountainman is near Old Forge, not the SRCA.

Adirondacks in Spring
Weather- It can be 80 degrees in the afternoon or it can snow. Rain will be cold. Bugs will be out. Nothing like the mosquitoes in Texas, just very tiny black flies, lots of them.

Places- Two very scenic places are the Bog River Flow from the access point at Low’s Lower Dam up to the carry at Low’s Upper Dam at Hitchins Pond; and Massawepie Scout Reservation on Route 3 between Childwold and Piercefield. In the spring it is open to the public till mid-June when camp starts. There is Massawepie Lake and 7 large ponds on the camp. Easy access points, no motorboats or jetskis, lots of wildlife from loons to beavers and quiet. Just sign in at the kiosk in front of the maintainence shops, and make friends with the Ranger Ben’s dog Marley. She is the offical greeter.

Both of these places are easy daytrips or can be weeklong camping stays. From Tupper Lake Village either is less than 30 minutes drive.


Check out the NFCT itineraries
There are some nice sections as part of the Adirondacks that are detailed in The Fulton Chain from Old Forge to Lake Four is pretty busy with motor boats in the summer, and there are portages too, which you may not wish to deal with at all. The Saranac Lakes are beautiful (State Campsites on Middle and Upper) that are water access only and the Saranac River contains two locks which are kind of neat to experience. I’d recommend the Long Lake to Saranac Lake via the Raquette River, but there’s a pretty big portage along the way (1.3 miles) that could be a relationship-breaker. Nice beach at the end, though. We LOVE paddling in this area. You’ll have a great time where ever you end up. And yes, St. Regis is nice too.