Adirondacks - Lake Kushaqua

I’m in the planning stages of a decently long ADK trip and am looking at starting at Lake Kushaqua. I have a long drive and until we get a shuttle and up to the lake it will be fairly late in the day till we get on the water.

I am familiar with as far up as Jones pond, but haven’t been on Kushaqua or Rainbow. My old map only goes as far as the Rainow Narrows, so I don’t have a paddling map of Lake Kushaqua.

My question is - are there campsites on Lake Kushaqua? And are the usually vacant for a mid week stay. I now it next to Buck Pond and the State Campground.

Thanks Mike

Lake Kushaqua

There are 2 island sites near the DEC boat launch controlled by the CG. I just checked Reserve America and it looks like you’ll have a 50/50 chance of finding one available without reserving. There is a fair amount of state land surrounding Kushaqua so you may be able to find alternative camping spots.

Good luck,

Mike B

I was aware of those and there is one site available on my start date, but I was wondering if there are any other (non fee) sites on the lake or do I need to get into Rainbow for my first night?


Adk Paddlers map shows 2 backcountry, free campsites both @ end of short trails connecting them to Kush.-Mud Pond rd along N shore.

On my last visit I recall others inc one in NE bay just S of dam. 99% of shoreline is state land where camping 150ft back from shore is legal. N branch Saranac is scenic side trip while paddling thru. Enjoy