Adirondacks- Lowes Lake to Oswegatchie R

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Pack canoe owners that have done this one way trip - how do you carry your canoe and pack -

A. Canoe overhead, attached via bracket to external frame pack. Hands free.
B. Canoe overhead resting on internal frame pack, hands hold gunnels.
C. Canoe overhead with yoke on shoulders, portage pack
D. Canoe on side on one shoulder, portage pack
E. Canoe overhead, resting on your head! Portage pack

I have not done that one yet
but might I add some other choices?

Portage packā€¦ take a part double blade lashed to thwarts shafts of blade lifts the boat so your head does not hit the seat. A line to the rear and to the front thwart that allows you to walk hands down with one hand on the quick release buckle that joins the two halves of the line.

I tried that on the Harrington Brook to Lows portage.